ZIP System Wall Sheathing

Why do we use wall sheathing? Simple: Without it, our homes would be nothing but a roof on a frame.

Traditional sheathing usually consists of plywood panels with a house wrap product installed over it to provide water and air resistance.

ZIP System Wall Sheathing

ZIP System wall sheathing is an all-in-one, code-recognized structural panel with water-resistant barrier and air barrier built-in. Fewer installation steps reduces installation time, and cuts labor costs by eliminating the need for house wrapping.

The ZIP System Difference

ZIP System gives your home the strength, protection, and efficiency it needs to be called 'green.' Here are some of the ZIP System advantages:

- Fastening guide aids allow for easy panel installation.
- Provides superior structural support.
- Built-in Stormex water-resistant barrier replaces house wrap for quick installation and outstanding water and air resistance.
- Won't blow off or tear during construction like housewrap.
- Unique engineering allows moisture vapor to travel through the panel, allowing the walls to breathe, eliminating moisture-related issues such as mold.

Building Green with ZIP System Wall Sheathing

In addition to providing a wall panel with strength, stability, and outstanding weather protection, ZIP System sheathing is a more environmentally-friendly product. Using ZIP System panels on your green home will help you earn points for various green certification groups and programs, and will help ensure your home is as energy-efficient as possible.

ZIP System sheathing has received National Green Building Certification, and is eligible for points in green certification programs, including:
- NAHB Green Building Program link
- LEED for Homes link
- Energy Star Home link

Whether you are building a certified green home or simply a super-efficient home without certification, ZIP System wall sheathing will optimize your home's energy performance, reduce air infiltration, and provide many years of durable, reliable performance.

ZIP System and Natural Resource Use

While most sheathing product is made from some type of wood product, how that wood is sourced makes a difference for those who want to build green. Unsustainable forestry practices lead to deforestation and loss of wildlife habitat; ZIP System is committed to sustainable forestry practices. ZIP System sheathing is made from younger, smaller trees which are replaced much quicker than old-growth trees often used to make plywood. ZIP System reduces waste by using leftover wood scraps, bark, and sawdust to help power their manufacturing facilities.

The ZIP System manufacturing process is designed to minimize environmental impacts by reducing energy and waste usage; all ZIP System mills and plants are certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI).

Panel Sizes
ZIP System wall sheathing panels come in a variety of sizes:

Thickness – 7/16”  Sizes – 4’x8’, 4’x9’, 4’x10’
Thickness -  ½” Size – 4’x8’

Special panel lengths now available for high wind zone applications - 4’ x 97-1/8”, 4’x109-1/8”, 4’x121-1/8”

The ZIP System Difference

ZIP System products are covered by a 30-year system warranty and 30-year panel warranty.

To visit the official ZIP System website, click HERE.




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