Sitework And Landscaping

Unilock Pavers

Unilock Pavers: Unilock is a company offering superior landscaping products for over 35 years. Unilock has several lines of pavers available to meet every taste and budget, all backed by a lifetime guarantee.

There are hundreds of uses for these unique pavers, for driveways, walkways, patios, entrances, outdoor kitchens, swimming pool decks and more!.

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Geobin Composting System

Geobin Composting System: For those looking to get started in composting, or who simply don't want to spend a lot on a composter, the Geobin Composting System is worth a look. With an easy to assemble but sturdy design, the Geobin is an open compost container that will hold up to 14 bushels of compost material and quickly turn it into useful compost.

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Soilsaver Classic Composter

Soilsaver Classic Composter: The Soilsaver Composter is one of the more popular commercially-available composting units. It's recycled plastic construction is built to last for years. The Soilsaver has several features that are designed to optimize the composting process, and make maintaining an optimal environment in the compost pile easy.

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Worm Factory 360

Worm Factory 360: Making and harvesting compost with worms is quick and easy with the Worm Factory 360's tray system.

It will allow you to quickly turn food and paper scraps into nutrient-rich organic fertilizer for your yard or garden. It's perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

For a complete review of the Worm Factory 360, check out our this page on the product and find out how easy it is to produce rich, organic compost for your landscape and garden.

Milorganite Lawn Fertilizer

Milorganite Lawn Fertilizer: Many homeowners are searching for all-natural fertilizer options for their lawns. Synthetic commercial fertilizers have several environmental drawbacks to them, including chemical runoff and gradual soil depletion. Milorganite Lawn Fertilizer has been a popular, 100% all-natural organic fertilizer since 1925. Milorganite is made from the processed biosolid waste from the wastewater treatment plants of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

For a complete review of the Milorganite Lawn Ferfilizer, check out our this page on the product and green up your lawn and your garden.

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