Irrigation Systems

Fiskars Rain Barrel

Fiskars Rain Barrel: Simply put, rainwater harvesting is the collection of rain water that falls on to a home or other structure's roof.

Rainwater harvesting systems are available in a very wide variety of sizes, from a simple rain barrel to large underground cistern systems capable of storing thousands of gallons of water.

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Bushman Rainwater Harvesting

Bushman Rainwater Harvesting: Rainwater harvesting is a simple and effective way to reduce your home's water usage.

Bushman offers a range of rainwater collection systems to fit any need. From a 60 gallon rain barrel to their Slimline series that holds from 130 to 620 gallons, to their round tank line that can hold up to 2825 gallons of water.

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RainXchange Rainwater Harvesting

RainXchange Rainwater Harvesting: The RainXchange Rainwater Harvest System is a unique, underground rainwater collecting system. The system stores harvested rainwater in underground tanks,constantly recirculating and aerating it via an aboveground water feature (fountain or waterfall). This allows for the system to be out of sight while at the same time reducing your home's use of municipal or well-sourced water.

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