Bricor Low Flow Shower Heads

Installing low-flow, water saving shower heads in your showers is one of the quickest, easiest, and most affordable ways to significantly reduce the amount of water your home uses.

Modern water saving shower heads use much less water than their older counterparts; less water means less heated water, which means lower utility bills. More and more people are interested in using less water to lighten their environmental impact; EVERYBODY is interested in saving money. Water saving shower heads can save thousands of gallons of water a year, and hundreds of dollars.

There are many different water saving (also called low-flow) shower heads on the market. Choosing the right one is important, because if your shower head uses less water but sacrifices performance, you're not going to want to use it.

Bricor Low Flow Water Technology

Bricor is a manufacturer of water saving shower heads designed to deliver a satisfying water stream while using amazingly little water. Bricor is a leader in water saving technology, offering performance unmatched by anyone else.

The Bricor Low Flow Shower Head Product Line

Most low-flow shower heads on the market today will save water, but many deliver a less than ideal shower experience. They can be noisy, or deliver a noticeably weak stream of water, even at higher gallon per minute (gpm) rates such as 2.5 gpm,. Bricor is different, with a line of 8 amazing shower heads.

Bricor shower heads use a patented Vacuum Flow Venturi Physics System, which aerates the water and creates compacted water under pressure. This allows for very little water to still deliver a powerful stream.

Low Priced Bricor Low Flow Shower Heads

Bricor Bravo
The Bravo is a commercial-grade shower head, used often in hotels, delivering a shower head flow rate of 1.375 gpm. (All gpm rates are measured at 50 psi, which is typical for most homes)

Bricor EcoFIT
The EcoFIT delivers 1.25 gpm. It is made of high-grade materials, 50% solid brass and 50% chromed ABS material with a Neoprene spray plate. It is Brico's most affordable shower head.

Luxury Low Flow Shower Heads

Bricor Hand Held
With a flow rate of only 1.125 gpm, the hand held model is among the most efficient on the market today. The chromed plastic shower head wand has a 59" brass hose to provide the convenience of a hand held shower system.

Bricor Elite-E and Elite-R
These two models differ in appearance but both provide a water flow rate of 1.5025 gpm. The Elite-E, with its solid brass construction and nickel-chrome finish, is used in many hotel chains. The Elite-R comes in a variety of different finishes to match any bathroom decor.

Ultra Low Flow Shower Heads
Bricor's line of ultra low flow shower heads truly stand out from the crowd. Using as little as 0.5 gallons of water per minute, they still provide a satisfying shower experience.

Bricor B100 Max
The B100 Max supplies a strong flow using only 1 gpm. Its proven performance has led to its use in many colleges around the country, as well as helping to keep the troops clean in Iraq.

Bricor B100-Supermax
With a water flow rate of 1.2525 gpm, the B100-Supermax provides a wider shower spray stream than the B100 Max for maximum coverage.

Bricor B100 Ultramax
The B100 Ultramax is the ultimate in water conserving shower heads. Its flow rate of an amazingly low 0.5525 gpm is one of the lowest in the entire industry. While using very little water, the B100 Ultramax still delivers a remarkably powerful stream of water. It is ideal for areas with extremely limited water supplies. It's also a great choice for boats, RVs, or anywhere else where water is in short supply.

Bricor Customized Low Flow Shower Heads

Brico can configure all of their shower heads to match your home's water psi. While most homes have a psi of around 50, it can vary. By customizing their products to match your particular water psi, Brico can ensure that you are receiving the most efficient performance available.

Visit the Bricor website.

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