Solarade Portable Solar Charger

Let's face it: We live in a world of devices. We also live in a world in need of energy solutions; what if we could charge our phones and devices anywhere, using only the power of the sun? The small, powerful new Solarade solar USB charger is here to save your day!

Kickstarter has been a way for people to fund new and innovative ideas and products, and the Solarade Solar Charger is a prime example of people getting behind a great new sustainable idea. Individuals putting money into something they think is a good idea is what Kickstarter's all about, and the Solarade charger goes to show that the ideas that will shape our future in a positive way are out there, they just need a little 'kick.'

Solarade Solar Charger: Small AND Powerful

There are many solar chargers on the market , but most of them are either small but lacking in charging power or large and bulky. The Solarade charger, designed by a small South Korean firm, claims to be the smallest solar charger available today that can charge any USB powered device with the sun as quickly as plugging it into an outlet. Most solar chargers take much, much longer to charge with the sun than with conventional electricity sources. By increasing the solar charge time, Solarade takes the inconvenience out of charging with clean, renewable solar energy . The fact that USB devices can be charged anywhere makes it perfect for anytime you're away from an outlet: cars, camping, traveling abroad, emergencies, power outages, disasters.... the list goes on.


Solarade Portable Solar Charger: Kickstarter
Solarade Solar Charger

Solarade: Clean Power

The sheer number of USB chargeable devices we use on a daily basis takes its toll on the environment; these devices are usually small, and by themselves may not require a lot of power to charge, but add up the millions and millions of devices, and that's a lot of power. Power that still is probably coming from a dirty coal or natural gas source.

Using the sun to charge the batteries on these devices completely eliminates the need for conventional dirty energy. The sun has more than enough power to fill our device batteries.

Solarade: FAST Power!

Solarade uses extremely efficient solar cells to deliver power quickly to any USB device: phones, cameras, GPS, anything that uses USB for charging. Solarade specifications claim that the unit can supply full 5V (1A) power via a 5 watt solar panel just as quickly as an electrical outlet. How fast? That's a fully-charged iPhone in only two hours. That's how fast. Most solar chargers take 5, 6, 7 or more hours to do the same job.

Solarade can supply this much power this fast due to the design of its solar panel. The panel uses etremely efficient (22%) microcrystalline cells, allowing it to not only create lots of energy, but to do so in much less space than other solar panels.

The Solarade Solar Charger: SMALL !!

The last part of the puzzle is the Solarade solar charger's small size, which is critical for those who plan to use it outdoors as part of a camping trip or other getaway. Size matters, and smaller is better. The Solarade charger is small, about the size of a small letter (9" x 6.5"x 7"). It's very thin, and at 6.5 ounces, very very light.

For even more convenience, the Solarade solar charger has what they call a "smart bar," which allows users to angle the solar panel optimally to capture the suns' rays perfectly, anytime of the day.

This small but mighty solar charger is almost too good to be true: free, clean & green power to charge up all of the devices we can't live without, quickly, and anywhere.

One important note: Many portable solar chargers on the market today charge a battery pack that is then used to charge a device. This may slightly limit its usefulness, as a battery pack can be charged during the day and then used at night to power a device when the sun's not shining. The Solarade charger doesn't have a battery pack, it's a direct charger. Users who may need extra battery power at night may need to invest in a spare battery pack for their particular device(s).

For more information on the Solarade Portable Solar Charger, or to inquire about purchasing, visit the Solarade Kickstarter Page.


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