Benjamin Moore Aura Paint

You want your green home to be clean, efficient and safe. Wouldn't it be nice to have a home that not only treads lightly on the environment, but was also a beautiful home that demonstrates your creativity and unique personality?

Luckily, you don't have to choose between the two. When it comes to decorating your home's interior, nothing makes as big a difference as paint. The right color paint can transform a room from something normal and pedestrian into a beautiful oasis.

The Problem with Paint: VOCs

Traditionally, paint products are manufactured with toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that released harmful fumes long after the paint dried on the walls. High VOC levels in paint are associated with a long list of ailments, from minor short-term problems to more serious, chronic health issues.

Benjamin Moore Green Promise Products

The Benjamin Moore paint company has been around for a long time, with a reputation for quality and durability. They now have more environmentally-friendly products available. Green Home Source recommends Benjamin Moore Green Promise products to all of our customers. Here's why:

Aura Paint

The Aura line is Benjamin Moore's highest quality interior paint. It is incredibly durable, with a full spectrum of rich, true colors. All Aura paints are designed to maintain their color integrity even after repeated washings.

Aura is a remarkable single-coat paint. Even with the deepest color shades, it won't ever require more than two coats.

More importantly for green homeowners, Aura is a low-VOC paint, with a VOC level of under 48 g/l after tinting. We've been using and recommending Aura paints for years, and it never fails to perform.

Natura Paint

A newer addition to the Benjamin Moore Green Promise line of paints is Natura. Benjamin Moore is calling Natura the "greenest" paint available on the market today.

Natura is a virtually odorless paint, making it an incredibly safe product. Independent third party test has proven Natura to have the lowest VOC emission levels of any national paint brand.

For any green home, especially one with children or family members with chemical sensitivities or respiratory illnesses, Natura is the go-to paint. Natura exceeds industry standards for environmental safety with its' proprietary waterborne colorant system. This system allows for ZERO VOC levels, even after tinting.

Available in any color, Natura paint is quick-drying. It's odorless formula and zero VOC levels make it incredibly safe for painters.

Even with its zero VOC levels, Natura paint still delivers the quality and performance that all Benjamin Moore paints are known for.

Meeting Green Standards

There are several third-party organizations that have been created to define 'green' in the paint marketplace, and make it easier for homeowners to make informed decisions. Here are some of the national green standards.

Greenguard: Aura and Natura paints meet Greenguard standards for cleaner indoor air.

CHPS (California Collaborative for High Performance Schools): Aura and Natura meet or exceed CHPS standards.

LEED: Aura and Natura paints qualify for LEED credits.

Green Seal: Natura paints exceed Green Seal standards for environmentally-friendly products.

MPI (Master Painter's Institute): Natura paints exceed the MPI Green Performance standard.

Visit the Benjamin Moore Aura website.

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