Zip System Roof Sheathing

"Having a roof over one's head" is literally the most basic description of a home's function. Regardless of what materials it's built with, a roof is the first line of defense in protecting us and sheltering us from the elements. Traditional roofing materials begin with plywood, the reliable 'workhorse' of the construction world. Plywood does its job very well, but it often isn't the greenest material available due to issues with deforestation. A roof sheathing product by ZIP System is an alternative that may be worth considering for your green home.

ZIP System Roof Sheathing

Traditional roofing methods involve laying plywood panels over the roof frame, then covering it with felt roofing paper and protective roof covering like shingles to protect the roof (and the overall structure) from damage.

Roof sheathing from ZIP System has several benefits that make it an interesting product, from a construction standpoint. ZIP System is a structural roof panel manufactured with a built-in moisture barrier (trademarked as Precipitek) that eliminates the need for felt paper and h-clips. It is an all-in-one structural roof system; simply install the panels, tape the seams, and installation is complete. Roofing materials such as shingles are installed directly onto the ZIP System sheathing.

This all-in-one design makes ZIP System sheathing more affordable by reducing installation time by up to 40% (and also reducing the number of laborers necessary to install). Labor cost is reduced, and the roof is installed in less time.

Further Benefits of ZIP System Roof Sheathing

ZIP System panels can be cut just like regular plywood, without damaging or compromising the built-in moisture barrier.

The ZIP System tape used to tape seams is easily and quickly applied with a special tape gun. The ZIP tape ensures a sound, airtight, water-resistant structural system and roof underlayment.

Building Green with ZIP System Roof Sheathing

In addition to providing a roofing panel with strength and stability as well as superior weather ability, ZIP System sheathing is a more environmentally-friendly product. Using ZIP System panels on your green home will help you earn points for various green certification groups and programs, and will help ensure your home is as energy-efficient as possible.

ZIP System sheathing has received National Green Building Certification, and is eligible for points in green certification programs, including:

Whether you are building a certified green home or simply a super-efficient home without certification, ZIP System roof sheathing will optimize your home's energy performance, reduce air infiltration, and provide many years of durable, reliable performance.

ZIP System and Natural Resource Use

While virtually all roofing underlayments are made from some type of wood product, how that wood is sourced makes a difference for those who want to build green. Unsustainable forestry practices lead to deforestation and loss of wildlife habitat; ZIP System is committed to sustainable forestry practices. ZIP System sheathing is made from younger, smaller trees which are replaced much quicker than old-growth trees often used to make plywood. ZIP System reduces waste by using leftover wood scraps, bark, and sawdust to help power their manufacturing facilities.

The ZIP System manufacturing process is designed to minimize environmental impacts by reducing energy and waste usage; all ZIP System mills and plants are certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI)

The ZIP System Difference

With a growing awareness of environmental issues and concern over climate change and high energy prices, the decision to 'go green' is the right one; ZIP System roof sheathing addresses all of these issues, providing structural sheathing, moisture control and air barrier performance in one high-performance product to create a comfortable, energy-efficient home.

ZIP System roof sheathing is available in 1/2" and 5/8" self-spacing profile thicknesses, and also 5/8" tongue and groove profile thickness

ZIP System products are covered by a 30-year system warranty and 30-year panel warranty.

To visit the official ZIP System website, click HERE.

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