Philips BR30 LED Indoor Flood Light

LED light bulbs are coming to market in an ever-increasing pace, and for good reason. As we discussed in our introductory article on LED lighting technology, LEDs are highly-efficient and have several advantages of current efficiency-king the compact fluorescent: they are dimmable, have a more attractive light quality, contain no mercury, and last several times longer than CFLs.

One of the newest lightbulbs to be introduced is the cool-looking Philips BR30 LED Flood Light. Designed to replace traditional incandescent or halogen flood lights, which typically use from 60 to 75 watts, the BR30 provides the same warm light with only 13 watts.

The BR30 can be used indoors in a wide variety of applications; kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, and in track light or recessed fixtures.

The BR30, with its medium base, is as easy to install as screwing in a light bulb. Some of its amazing green attributes are:

- Energy Star compliant
- Instant-On (no 'warm up' period) and No-Flicker
- LED light will not fade fabric or colors in your home.
- Zero Mercury

The Philips BR30 brings LED lighting technology to flood lights, allowing the homeowner to achieve significant energy savings over an extremely long time. The 13-watt AmbientLED BR30 can save over $140 in energy costs over the lifetime of the bulb, which is estimated to be AT LEAST 23 years!

The BR30 LED provides 730 lumens of light with its 13 watts, with a standard warm color of 2700 Kelvin.

As with most new LED light bulbs, the price of the BR30 at introduction is around $40, but will probably drop slowly as the technology matures. It's important to think of LED bulbs as long-term investments. $40 in this case gets you a bulb that will save $140 over a 20+ year lifespan, and keep a substantial amount of climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions out of the atmosphere.

Visit the official Philips LED website by clicking HERE.


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