Bosch Tankless Water Heater

Heating water is one of the largest users of energy in your home. Dramatic reductions in both money and energy usage can be obtained by installing instantaneous, or on-demand, hot water systems. Unlike a conventional tank-type hot water heater which has to keep 40 to 80 gallons of water heated whether it's needed or not, an on-demand hot water heater heats only the water you need, when you're actually going to be using it.

Besides the energy savings, another advantage of on-demand instantaneous hot water heaters is that they will supply hot water for as long as it's needed. You won't run out of hot water, which can happen with a tank-type heater.

If you are considering a tankless on-demand hot water heater for your new green home or to replace an existing heater, choosing a high-quality system you can depend on is critical. Bosch, a company that is a leading global supplier of automotive supplies, industrial and building technologies, and consumer goods, has on-demand hot water models available to meet any hot water heating requirements, big or small.

It's very important to plan ahead when selecting an on-demand hot water heater. Different models can handle different amounts of usage, from a heater for one hot water source running at a time, all the way up to a heater that can several sources running simultaneously.

Models handling larger amounts of hot water will obviously cost more up front, but it's important to look at your long-range plans to determine if your hot water needs will grow in the future (i.e. KIDS).

Bosch Tankless Water Heater Model AE115

If you live alone and have a small home or cottage and won't be running more than one hot water source at a time (like a shower, dishwasher, or washing machine), consider the electric Bosch PowerStar AE115 or the gas powered Bosch 125 series. Due to its limited specifications, the PowerStar AE 115 is recommended for use only in warmer southern regions.

Moving up in hot water demand, the electric PowerStar AE125 has the capacity to provide up to 3.7 gallons per minute of hot water to heat 2 sinks and 1 shower simultaneously.

Bosch Tankless Water Heaters for Increased Usage

The gas Bosch Compact 1600, Bosch's most popular unit, can deliver up to 4.3 gallons per minute, enough to heat water for 2 sinks and a shower simultaneously. It has a standing pilot which requires electricity for ignition. This model is very compact and lightweight, and can simply be hung on the wall. It's efficiency can reduce your hot water heating costs by up to 50%.

The Bosch 1600H model has the same specifications as the 1600P, but it uses a unique hydro-generated ignition, which eliminates the standing pilot and uses no electricity. Both the 1600P and 1600H have a thermal efficiency rating of 80%.

Bosch Tankless Hot Water Heaters for Larger Usage

If you've got a larger home and family, you're going to want a hot water system that can handle the increase in demand. Bosch has two models with the power to supply the hot water you will need.

The Bosch AquaStar 2400ES can supply up to 6.4 gallons per minute of limitless hot water, roughly enough to run 2 showers simultaneously. This is a gas-powered unit with an electronic ignition, Energy Star rated with a thermal efficiency of 82%. There is an outdoor installation kit available for use in warmer climates for easier installation.

Bosch's largest tankless on-demand hot water heater is the gas-powered Bosch AquaStar 2700ES. This model will provide up to 7.2 gallons per minute of limitless hot water, equivalent to running 3 showers at the same time. It's the ultimate choice for larger households. The AquaStar 2700ES is also Energy Star rated, with an electronic ignition and a thermal efficiency rating of 82%.

Bosch Point-of-Use PowerStar Tankless Hot Water Heater

Another option in instantaneous hot water heating is to install smaller units at or near the actual point where the hot water is needed, such as in the bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room. These are very small electric units which make installing them at the point-of-use easy. They also offer significant reductions in energy and water usage, since they eliminate the wasteful cold water runout that typically comes when you supply hot water from a distant, centralized location. When you have to run the water in your shower for 1 or 2 minutes before it gets warm, you know what this is, and what a waste of water it can be.

Bosch has 4 PowerStar point-of-use models to fit a wide range of flow rates and temperatures. This chart will help you choose the right choice for your needs.

Supplementing Solar Hot Water Heating Systems with Bosch

Solar hot water heating is the ultimate in green, efficient design. If you are currently using solar hot water or are considering installing one, you may want to have a 'backup plan' for those occasions when the sun alone can't quite get you as much hot water as you need. The Bosch AquaStar 1600PS was created as a backup to preheated water produced by solar hot water systems. It will provide up to 4.3 gallons per minute of limitless hot water. The solar hot water system will continue to be the main source of hot water; the AquaStar 1600PS will act only as a backup, and will only operate when the solar-heated water needs an increase in temperature. Using solar hot water heating in tandem with the Bosch AquaStar 1600PS creates the ultimate in green design and flexibility in hot water heating.

To learn more about Bosch tankless water heaters, as well as other efficient Bosch water heating products, visit the Bosch website.

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