Armstrong Tin Look Ceiling Tiles

Armstrong Tin Look Ceiling Tile
Everything old eventually comes around and becomes new again; this saying holds true for home decor as much as it does for other things like fashion. New homes are being decorated to reflect older styles, and older homes are being renovated while keeping their original style and charm. Now, you can create that timeless look with ceiling tile materials that tread lightly on the earth with Tin Look ceiling tiles from Armstrong.

Armstrong Tin Look: A Bygone Era Brought Into the Future

Homes and commercial buildings of the late 19th and early 20th centuries had an attention to detail that is often forgotten today. Chief among these details are the intricate designs of the tin ceiling. Armstrong's new Tile Look ceiling tiles recreate that detail for todays' buildings; they're perfect for creating a traditional look to a fresh, updated modern ceiling.

Tin Look: Flexible Creativity

The Armstrong Tin Look ceiling tiles are 12" by 12" in size, come in three distinct patterns, and are latex-painted at the factory. They can easily be repainted in any color to compliment any room style.

Ease of Installation

Armstrong Tin Look Ceiling Tile

While Armstrong created the Tin Look ceiling tile to have a beautiful, appealing appearance, they also designed the tiles to be easily installed. The Armstrong Easy Up Guaranteed Installation System allows the Tin Look tiles to be installed directly onto a new or existing ceiling. Renovating an existing room? The Tin Look tiles can be applied right over a popcorn ceiling and even damaged drywall. There's no grid system involved.

Armstrong Tin Look: Ceiling Tiles for a Greener Planet

The appearance of the Armstrong Tin Look tiles doesn't come with a high environmental price tag; in fact, just the opposite is true. The Tin Look series was designed to tread lightly, making it a perfect choice for any new green home construction or for a 'green' home renovation.

The Tin Look ceiling tile is made from wet-formed mineral fiber, of which 55% is pre- and post-consumer recycled. When removed, the tiles are completely recyclable.

The sustainability qualities of the Armstrong Tin Look tiles can contribute LEED points in the following categories:

- Indoor Air Quality: The Tin Look's low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) help keep indoor air pollution to a minimum.

- Renewable Materials: Mineral fiber is considered to be renewable, using natural rock, glass, and slag as its main ingredients.

- Recycled Content: As mentioned, 55% of the mineral fiber in the Tin Look ceiling tiles come from recycled materials.

- Waste Management: The Tin Look tiles are completely recyclable, and can be used in new products from ceiling tiles to insulation.

- Local Materials: Armstrong manufactures the Tin Look tile in the U.S., using domestic materials.

With the Tin Look ceiling tile from Armstrong, you can turn any room, from kitchen to dining area, into a distinctive space of unsurpassed beauty.

To learn more about the Armstrong Tin Look ceiling tile, including purchasing information, visit the official Armstrong site.



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