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LED lighting is rapidly taking over as the most efficient form of lighting for your home. As consumers search for efficient alternatives to incandescent bulbs, they are also concerned about light quality. The revolutionary new product line from Switch provides the best of both worlds: extremely efficient performance with light quality similar to the familiar glow of an incandescent bulb.

Switch Revolutionizes Lighting

Featured in a Wired magazine cover story on the future of lighting, Switch's distinctive design has quickly become the new face of energy-efficient lights. While many bulb manufacturers are striving for LEDs that look like the traditional shape of an incadescent, Switch has taken the design of their bulbs in a completely different, amazing direction.

Switch: Light Quality

The main selling point of any light bulb is the quality of its light. The most efficient bulb in the world isn't worth a dime if the light it gives off is unsatisfactory.

Switch has achieved a light quality in their bulbs equal to the warm , inviting glow of the incandescent. Unlike the harsh light from compact fluorescent bulbs, the Switch bulbs are available in 2700K versions for warm lighting and a brighter 4000K for more functional spaces.

For added efficiency and light control, Switch bulbs are completely dimmable, another advantage over non-dimmable CFLs.


Switch Performance

After light quality, green homeowners are most concerned about the amount of energy any light bulb is using . For the last decade or so, the compact fluorescent (CFL) has reigned as the king of energy-efficient lighting. But issues with light quality and mercury have plagued the CFL. Newer LED technology is poised to replace CFLs, and Switch is leading the way.

Switch bulbs will work in any installation , fixture, or orientation. Their rugged design allows for outdoor usage as well. They don't produce UV rays, another issue with CFLs. Switch has a complete line of bulbs designed to replace 40, 60 , 75, and 100 watt incandescent bulbs while using almost 80% less electricity.

By using a mere fraction of the energy that incandescents use, and lasting roughly 25 times longer, Switch LEDs bulbs are a wise investment in an energy-efficient future. And with such extreme efficiency, switching out an incandescent bulb with a much more expensive Switch bulb will still pay for itself in six months or less!


Switch Design

The amazingly unique look of the Switch bulb lets you know immediately that this is no ordinary bulb. The Switch designers took a potential drawback to LED lights and turned it into a critical aspect of the bulbs's design, creating something different and beautiful in the process.

The technology that allows LED lights to glow so brightly with such little energy creates a great deal of heat; these high temperatures can significantly limit a bulb's lifespan unless a way is found to dissipate it safely away from the bulb.

Most LED manufacturers incorporate some type of metal fins on the bulb to allow heat to escape. This is known as the 'air-cooled' method. Switch has created an exclusive 'liquid cooled' design to dissipate heat much more efficiently than air-cooled methods. A proprietry cooling liquid bathes the lights inside the bulb, using the bulb's entire surface to release heat. This technique has a thermal performance about 40% more efficient than air-cooled bulbs. The better performancce of iquid cooling also allows the Switch bulbs to be used in any fixture (even completely enclosed) and orientation without any degradation in light output.

Switch LED: Better for You, Better for the Planet

LED lights are better choices for the planet than CFLs. While the best CFLs last about 8 to 10 times longer than an incandescent bulb, LEDs last much, much longer: about 25 times longer. This reduces costs over time as well as the amount of dead bulbs sent to landfills.

CFLs also contain small amounts of mercury, a highly toxic heavy metal. While typically not a hazard in normal home use, many wish to avoid any possible exposure to mercury. LEDs, including the Switch bulbs, contain no mercury, or any other toxic materials, at all. The liquid used to cool the Switch LEDs is a food-grade, silcone product. It is benign, non-toxic, and non-staining. If a Switch bulb breaks, simply clean it up and discard it without any threat to the health of people or pets. Switch is also the first liquid-cooled bulb to be approved by UL for safety.

To learn more about the exciting new Switch line of light bulbs, visit their homepage by clicking HERE.

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