3M Window Film

3M Prestige Series Window Films
3M Prestige Series Window Films

The benefits of windows in a home are obvious; they allow in light and air, and provide us a view on the outside world. They are, however, often weak spots in a wall's energy efficiency. Windows can let in heat and UV rays which can damage furnishings and increase energy usage. Nobody really wants a home without windows, and installing expensive new efficient windows can be expensive. 3M offers a solution in the form of 3M Window Film.

3M Window Film: New Life for Existing Windows

If you are looking to improve old windows in order to save energy and reduce damage to interior furnishings, 3M Window Film. Window films offer superior UV protection and energy savings for windows, at a reasonable cost. 3M Window Films can also provide sun control, privacy, and safety from storms.

3M Prestige Series Window Films
3M Prestige Series Window Films

3M Sun Control Window Films

For homeowners interested in energy savings, 3M's Sun Control line of window films are an outstanding choice. The Sun Control window films work to increase a window's efficiency by blocking the sun's heat; installing them on a home's windows can create energy savings of up to 30%.

Sun Control Window Film reduces 'hot spots' as well, and allows the home to easily maintain a consistent temperature from one room to another.

3M Sun Control Window Film also prevents UV damage by blocking up to 99% of the sun's UV rays; this greatly reduces fading of furniture, carpet, and other furnishings. These window films also reduce glare.

The 3M Sun Control Family of Window Films

3M offers several choices of sun control window film to meet every need:

Prestige Series: This clear film is designed to not alter the appearance of your home, while providing superior heat rejection. It's available in clear or light tinting, allowing 70% of visible light through the window, while reflecting up to 60% of the heat, 97% of the sun's infrared light., and 99% of UV rays. It's reflectivity is actually lower than glass, which results in savings of energy and money.

Ceramic Series: Using advanced nano-ceramic technology, these film rejects up to 80% of the sun's infrared light, up to 59% of the heat coming through the window, and 99% of the UV rays. They allow up to 50% of the visible light into the home. They are moderately tinted to provide additional glare reduction.

Night Vision Series: For privacy: 3M offers the Night Vision Window Film, with dual reflective technology to provide daytime privacy. Night Vision films are darker shaded to allow up to 35% of the sun's visible light through the window, and rejects up to 71% of the heat coming through the window.

Improved Safety with 3M Window Films

All of 3M's window films increase safety. The film makes breaking the window harder, impeding criminal activity and minimizing flying glass due to severe weather.

For those looking for increased safety protection while still seeing some improvements in energy performance, 3M offers a line of Safety and Security Window Films with superior safety features.

Window film can greatly improve any window's performance. For other options in improving the energy saving potential of existing windows, see our article on window insulating kits here .

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