Hwam Freestanding Wood Fireplace

Hwam produces a line of unique, freestanding wood fireplaces to give green homeowners the aesthetic and functional advantages of a wood fireplace in almost any location.

Hwam: Freestanding Fire

Conventional wood fireplaces require a large chimney to vent harmful smoke and gases out of the house; these chimneys dramatically limit where a fireplace can be located within a home. Wood fireplaces also tend to waste a great deal of energy; most of the fire's heat escapes up the chimney, and the home's heated or cooled air will also escape through an open chimney.

Hwam's freestanding wood fireplaces allow any homeowner to enjoy the look of a natural wood fire, as well as beneficial heat, anywhere in the home.


Freestanding Fireplaces: Benefits

The line of Hwam freestanding fireplaces (such as the 3055 FS model shown here) are Danish-designed cubes of style and energy-efficiency.

The unique design of these units draw air across the glass, which helps to keep it clean. While cleaning is minimized, the glass is easily removed for cleaning.

The Hwam freestanding fireplaces are U.S. EPA-certified to be clean-burning. The fireplace units will burn wood for four to five hours, and are capable of heating up to 1,900 square feet of living space.

Hwam: Flexibility and Functionality

The Hwam line of freestanding fireplaces offer unsurpassed flexibility for homeowners and designers. Freestanding or wall-insert models can be placed at various heights; they can be installed with a 'floating' appearance on a wall, or lower to the floor with a traditional hearth and surround.

The sleek Scandanavian design of all Hwam models are perfect for any home decor, from traditional to modern. All models include the Hwam Autopilot feature, which automatically adjusts air flow to the circulation chamber at all stages of burning; this ensures optimal combustion at all times, and eliminates operational guesswork. Once the fire is going, you can set it and forget it.

When wood needs to be added, the glass firescreen swings open easily with only one hand for ease of operation.


The nominal heat output of the 3055 FS unit is 23,800 BTU. As mentioned, it can heat up to 1,900 sq. ft. with an efficiency of 73% (gross) / 81% (net).

For more information on all Hwam wood fireplaces, visit their official website by clicking HERE.


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