Sunearth Copperheart - Solar Water Heater

Sunearth Copperheart Solar Hot Water System

SunEarth is a company founded in 1978 on a foundation of environmental stewardship. They are leaders in renewable residential energy, and have many systems available to provide clean, free energy for your green home.

The SunEarth CopperHeart solar hot water heating system is a passive integral collector storage system that combines solar heat collection and storage in a single unit. It is designed for any climate that experiences occasional mild freeze conditions.

The SunEarth CopperHeart hot water system is a simple and inexpensive solution for residential solar hot water heating. Its passive design is efficient and durable, with no pumps or electrical requirements for usage.

SunEarth Copperheart Solar Hot Water System
Sunearth Copperheart Solar System Specifications

The CopperHeart system is typically used as a solar preheater to a home's existing conventional hot water heater. When the sun is out, the CopperHeart system will do much of the water heating, reducing the need for gas or electricity. When the sun is away, the conventional hot water heater will pick up the slack. In warmer, non-freezing climates the CopperHeart will be the primary source for hot water.

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