Bushman Rainwater Harvesting Products

Water is nothing more than the basic building block of all life on earth; every living thing on this big blue planet of ours relies on water for survival. Yet, in many areas of the U.S., long-term drought and overuse of water supplies are a way of life. Finding ways to conserve this precious natural resource is becoming more important every year.

One way to conserve our water supply that is rapidly catching on is rainwater harvesting. Rainwater harvesting collects water from a home's roof during rain and stores it in containment systems for a time when it's needed.

Green Living and Rainwater Harvesting

Incorporating a rainwater harvesting system into your green home's planning makes sense for a number of reasons. Green homeowners are actively working to reduce their home's environmental impact and carbon footprint. Pumping water uses a great deal of power...... 20% of California's total power consumption is used to collect, transport, treat, and pump water. Collecting your own water reduces that power considerably.

In developed areas, rainwater often does not have the ability to soak naturally back into the ground. It runs off into sewer systems, then into lakes and streams where it contributes to water pollution. As a result of this, aquifers that supply drinking water are not being recharged fast enough to keep up with the demand for water. Again, rainwater harvesting prevents water from running off your home's property; it's captured so it can be used at a later time.

The cost of municipal water is high, and as water becomes more scarce, that cost is only going to rise. Rainwater harvesting systems can collect water to use for irrigation or even toilet flushing, reducing the need to use clean drinking water for these purposes. 40% of a suburban home's water is used in outdoor areas, an inefficient use for water treated for human usage.

The amount of water that can be collected from your home's roof is astounding. One inch of rain on a 1,000 square foot roof can produce around 600 gallons of water! That's natural water, absolutely free for you to use.

Bushman Rainwater Harvesting Tanks To The Rescue

The Bushman company has a full line of above-ground rainwater harvesting tanks that can easily be incorporated into a new home plan or added to an existing property. Bushman harvesting tanks feature a slimline design to minimize their footprint, and come in six color choices and a variety of sizes to blend in with your home and landscaping.

All Bushman rainwater tanks use a series of features to ensure high quality rainwater; gutter guards, insect filters, and first flush devices to divert the first rains of the season to the drain. All of their products are opaque to prevent algae and bacteria growth and are made or lined with food grade polyethylene plastic.

A Bushman Rainwater Harvesting System To Fit Any Need

No matter what size your home and property, and regardless of the amount of water you want to collect, Bushman has a collection system for you.

60 Gallon Rain Barrel: If you've got a small house and yard (or even apartment) or if you're just getting started with rainwater harvesting and want to start small, Bushman offers 60 gallon rain barrels that work perfectly.

They install quickly and easily in 3 simple steps: drill a hole in your downspout with a hole saw, install the diverter, and connect a hose to the diverter and barrel. That's it. You're now in the rainwater harvesting business!

The rain barrels are available in taupe, terra cotta, or dark moss; they include a spigot and garden hose adapter; they have a lid with lock for safety; they are sealed to keep out mosquitoes, pests, and sunlight.

Bushman Slimline Rain Tanks: If you're looking to store more water than a rain barrel can handle, the Bushman Slimline Series is worth a look. These narrow tanks are available in 130, 305, and 620 gallon sizes.

These larger tanks feature a baffling system consisting of a series of holes molded into the tank design. These structural supports ensure that the tank will not lose its shape even when storing thousands of pounds of water. The Slimline rainwater tanks are available in moss green, taupe, terra cotta, and black. These Slimline tanks fit snugly against a home or fit easily under the eaves of the house to help keep them out of the way.

Bushman Round Water Storage Tanks: For larger properties or for those looking to maximize their rainwater harvesting potential, Bushman offers a series of round water storage tanks that will store large amounts of water. These larger round tanks store from 205, 660, and 865 gallons up to 1110, 1320, and even 2825 gallons.

They incorporate all the same features found in every Bushman rainwater storage tank; threaded lids for easy access, first flush filtration to filter out sediments and leaf diverters to keep leaves and twigs out of the tank, stainless steel mesh overflow valves, strainer baskets to keep out bugs and debris, and high quality brass fittings.

Bushman Pump to Maximize Rainwater Harvesting Potential: While the smaller Bushman rain barrels and round rain tanks work easily with just a garden hose attached to it, the larger rain tanks have an optional pump available to allow you to pump your harvested rainwater quickly and easily. The Bushman pump kit features a 3/4 horsepower 75 PSI pump with an attractive polyethylene pump cover.

Droughts are real. Rising municipal water and energy costs are real. By installing and using rainwater harvesting systems, you are doing your part to conserve our water resources in a substantial and visible way. Visit the official Bushman site: bushmanusa.com


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