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The fireplace: A source of heat and comfort for thousands of years, it has come to represent the best a home has to offer. A place for family and friends to gather and spend time together. A warm, inviting fire still inspires images of home, and of family.

In todays' modern world, the fireplace has become much less of a necessity. Most of us no longer rely on a fireplace for cooking, or for heating our living spaces, and many of us live in locations that until now have made a fireplace impossible. Until now.

EcoSmart: Clean, Vent-Free Fireplaces

The EcoSmart company has created a clean-burning fireplace that eliminates the need for a chimney or flue while still safely providing a warm, natural flame. Their line of products includes custom-designed fireplaces, inserts for existing fireplaces, and out-of-the-box fireplace options. The EcoSmart fireplace designs have created a whole new world of design and decorating ideas for homes of any shape and size; the possibilities are nearly endless.

EcoSmart Fireplace

Types of EcoSmart Products

- Bioethanol Burners: Requiring no chimney, gas, or electric connection, bioethanol burners can be placed anywhere.

- Designer Fireplaces: Offering designs ranging from classic to see-through, the EcoSmart Designer Fireplace Series provide a fireplace that will quickly become the warm centerpiece of any room.

- Fireplace Inserts: For homeowners wishing to add fire to an existing closed-off fireplace or eliminate less-clean gas or wood fuels, wall-mounted EcoSmart inserts are an easy way to have a more traditional-looking fireplace without the mess, and without having to use a chimney.
Simply slide the insert into the building frame or fireplace cavity, decorate it as desired, and it's ready to go.

Other EcoSmart Options

EcoSmart Outdoor Fireplace

- Frame: The EcoSmart frame screen brings fire to any table top, bench, shelf, anywhere.

-Fireplace Grates: The easiest way to transform an existing fireplace, the fireplace grate installs in minutes.

- Outdoor Fireplace: Create a campfire outdoors without the mess, the smoke, and the smell. Made from toughened glass and weather-resistant materials, the EcoSmart outdoor fixtures are completely portable, allowing you to take your fire with you wherever you go.

The EcoSmart Secret is Bioethanol: Clean and Renewable

EcoSmart Renewable Bio-Ethanol
Bioethanol, also known as ethanol, is a fuel source with many uses, from transportation fuel to cosmetics ingredients. EcoSmart found that it also creates a beautiful flame when used as a fireplace fuel.

Bioethanol is a completely renewable fuel source, and contains no fossil-fuel components. It's made by fermenting the sugars and starches found in plant by-products, typically sugarcane and grain crops. Bioethanol can also be made from potatoes, milk, beetroots, corn, even grapes and bananas. It can be manufactured with almost any readily available plant by-products.

Bioethanol is also a very clean-burning fuel. Burning it emits very little emissions, just heat, steam, and carbon dioxide.

Since it's made from renewable plant products, the carbon dioxide it emits when burned is absorbed by currently-growing plant crops and turned via photosynthesis into oxygen. This cycle creates a closed-loop energy system that is carbon-neutral.

Efficient Green Energy

Since the burning of bioethanol is so clean, it can be used without the need for a chimney or flue; most of its heat stays in the room, not sent up the chimney. Freeing the fireplace from a chimney also drastically increases design possibilities, allowing the fire to burn to be located in areas never before possible.

EcoSmart Fireplace

The Beautiful Bioethanol Flame

Unlike the flames from a natural gas or the simulated flames of an electric fireplace, the burning of bioethanol creates a "beautiful lively dancing orange flame that is simply mesmerizing."

Selecting the Right Fuel

WIth an EcoSmart fireplace, choosing the right fuel to burn is critical. Some fuels are more pure than others, and it's never a wise idea to use a cheaper, lower-quality fuel in an EcoSmart fireplace. EcoSmart recommends e-nrg ethanols for use in all of their fireplaces to ensure the cleanest, safest fire possible.

Fire Safety: Common Sense Knowledge

Fire, in any form, can be dangerous. EcoSmart has set the industry standard for bioethanol fire safety, making their customers' safety their top priority. All EcoSmart products are manufactured to the highest quality standards, and are thoroughly tested for optimal safety.

As with any fireplace fixture, there are steps every homeowner must take to ensure the safety of the home and its occupants. These include:
- Regular Safety Checks: All users must familiarize themselves with all EcoSmart Fire safety procedures. Education on the proper use of bioethanol fire is critical for anyone who will be around it.

- Proper Filling and Lighting: The filling and lighting of a bioethanol fireplace is also very important. EcoSmart offers videos and downloadable instructions on their website outlining proper techniques. You can visit the safety page HERE.

EcoSmart: A Welcome Addition to Your Green Home

Traditional fireplaces, used primarily for aesthetic purposes, are inefficient; most of their heat (and all the homes' heat) goes straight up the chimney. Natural gas fires are cleaner, but use non-renewable fossil-fuel and still have the inefficiencies inherent in chimney-based fireplaces. The Ecosmart solves these problems by using a completely renewable fuel source that eliminates the need for a chimney and flue, and opens up design possibilities like never before.

Visit the official EcoSmart website.


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