RainXchange Rain Collection Systems

Harvesting, or collecting, rainwater that comes off your roof during rains is a growing trend in green home design. Harvesting rainwater has a number of environmentally-friendly attributes, including:

One inch of rainfall on a 1,000 square foot roof is equal to over 600 gallons of water! That same roof receiving 30 inches of rain a year can produce over 20,000 gallons of water! When you consider that most U.S. homes use far more water outside than inside, you can see how collecting rainwater for later irrigation use will obviously reduce your home's use of municipal or groundwater.

There are different types of rainwater harvesting systems, from simple rain barrels that can collect 60 gallons to larger above-ground systems capable of storing up to 3,000 gallons. While these above-ground systems are easy to install and use, some homeowners don't want these storage tanks cluttering up their outdoor spaces.

RainXchange Underground Rainwater Harvest Systems

For homeowners who want the benefits of rainwater harvesting without the above-ground tanks, RainXchange offers a unique underground rainwater harvest system to capture and reuse the precious water that would otherwise simply run off your roof. The RainXchange system uses a cutting-edge design that combines underground water collection with a decorative recirculating water feature to add beauty to your landscaping. The RainXchange system is configurable from 500 gallons up to 3000 gallons or more, depending on your needs, budget, and area.

How the RainXchange Rainwater Harvest System Works

The RainXchange Rainwater Harvest System utilizes a 10-stage system that replicates the natural water cycle:

Advantages of the RainXchange Rainwater Harvest System

The RainXchange system offers many ecological and aesthetical advantages:

Green Home Design and RainXchange Rainwater Harvest Systems

Incorporating a RainXchange system into your green home's design can qualify for up to 12 LEED credits for your home. These include up to 4 credits for Sustainable Sites, up to 4 credits for Water Efficiency, up to 3 credits for Materials and Resources, and up to 1 credit for Innovation & Design Process.

A system that allows collected rainwater to be used for lawn & garden irrigation and provides a unique,attractive landscape feature to your home's outdoor space will reduce your home's environmental impacts and add to its beauty and value.

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