Trane Furnaces - A Mark of High Efficiency

If you live in the colder climates of the U.S., you know how important a reliable furnace is; it needs to be durable enough to stand up to near-constant performance in order to keep you and your family comfortable throughout the cold winter months. If you're concerned about energy usage and the state of the environment, you also want a furnace that's energy-efficient, in order to reduce energy use and related utility costs. Trane has a full line of high-efficiency furnaces to meet any home's needs, and we at Green Home Source fully endorse Trane as a quality, long-lasting efficient furnace for your green home.

Energy Star and Trane Furnaces

If you're looking for a new furnace for an energy-efficient home, your first step, as with many other appliances, is to look for the Energy Star label. Energy Star-certification means that the furnace meets very strict energy-efficiency guidelines; for an Energy Star furnace, that means the unit must have annual fuel utilization efficiency ratings (AFUE) of at least 85%. An Energy Star-certified furnace will be at least 15% more efficient than standard furnaces.

The AFUE rating is easy to understand: the higher the percentage rating, the more efficient the furnace is at converting energy to heat, with less waste. A furnace with an AFUE rating of 90%, for example, converts 90% of its energy to usable heat, with only 10% wasted as exhaust.

Trane has several Energy Star-rated furnace models, from the XB90 single-stage furnace (90% AFUE) to the XV95 two-stage furnace (96.7% AFUE).

Trane Furnace Features

Depending on the size of your home as well as your budget, there's a Trane furnace for you. Besides choosing a model that's Energy Star-certified, there are other options to look at.

Flexible Heating: Trane models with two-stage heating helps prevent temperature swings throughout the home, and provide consistent temperatures throughout. Models with a variable-speed fan motor adjusts speed to provide an even more consistent flow of heated air, with much quieter operation.

ComfortLink II Capability: Trane models with the ComfortLink II technology allows the furnace to configure itself for optimal performance each year. This technology also allows you to receive alerts on your phone or computer and adjust the temperature settings remotely.

Trane CleanEffects: Trane furnaces with the optional CleanEffects system set the standard for clean indoor air by using a clean air technology to remove 99.98% of airborne allergens as air circulates throughout the furnace. This is 8 times more effective than the best HEPA room filters. Indoor air quality is critical, especially for those who suffer from respiratory ailments. Trane can help keep your air super clean.

Trane Durability and Reliability

All Trane furnaces are tested over and over to ensure long-lasting, stress-free reliability. When the temperature drops, a Trane furnace will be ready. Trane furnaces have a limited warranty which covers the heat exchanger for life, and other functional parts for 5 or 10 years, depending on the model.

Having a heating system that works cleanly and efficiently is the hallmark of any green home, but a furnace's long-lasting durability is another green factor. The longer an efficient furnace lasts, the less waste goes into building and transporting a new one (and disposing of the old). Trane Energy Star-certified models are most definitely worth a look.

To visit the official Trane Furnaces website, click HERE.

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