Soilsaver Classic Composter

There are several advantages to using an enclosed bin container for composting your organic waste such as yard clippings, garden waste, and kitchen food scraps.

The enclosed container keeps the decomposing material out of view, as well as out of the elements, making it easier to control the temperature and moisture levels, both of which are important for efficient composting.

An enclosed bin container also does a better job of keeping pests out of your compost than other types of open compost containers.

Advantages of The Soilsaver Classic Composter

The Soilsaver Classic Composter is a classic example of an enclosed bin composter. The Canadian-made Soilsaver is one of the earliest commercially available composting units, and its' classic design has been around for over 25 years.

The Soilsaver Composter is a fully enclosed container, which includes a locking lid to keep out curious pests. The unit is 28" wide and deep, and 30" tall. This is big enough to hold 11.5 cubic feet of composting material, which has enough mass to heat the compost pile up, but not so large that it becomes difficult to turn the pile.

The Soilsaver Classic Composter has several features designed to make the composting process efficient and easy to maintain. The locking lid is 2 square feet, and opens for easy access to the compost, making turning, mixing and adding new material very easy.

There are air vents on each side of the container, which will help keep your compost pile oxygenated. The unit also has two 10" x 15" bottom access doors which slide open to allow you to easily harvest finished compost. All of these features allow you to quickly and easily turn your organic waste into a free source of nutrient-rich compost.

The Soilsaver classic composter is a very durable unit, yet the assembly process is quite simple. No tools are required to assemble the Soilsaver, which takes under 30 minutes. The sturdy side panels fasten together with rust-free threaded nylon fasteners, with no metal screws or plastic tabs, which can easily rust or break. Two top latches hold the lid securely in place.

The walls of the Soilsaver are made from quarter-inch thick black plastic, designed to hold the heat of the composting material in, as well as last virtually forever. The Soilsaver is made from 50% recycled plastic, furthering its' environmental friendliness.

The Soilsaver Classic Composter comes with a helpful booklet to get you started. For under a hundred dollars, the Soilsaver is an affordable, attractive, and sturdy composter that will give you valuable compost for years to come.

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