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Building a Green home requires paying close attention to every detail of the products that go into it, as well as the raw materials and production processes that are used to create those products.

When it comes to exterior siding for your home, the most important green criteria is durability. The longer a siding will last protecting your home, the fewer resources and energy will be needed producing its replacement. Replacing siding more often also generates a great deal of waste which will probably end up in a landfill.

Facts About CertainTeed WeatherBoard Fiber Cement Siding:

One of the most durable forms of siding available today, and one of the greenest, is fiber cement siding. Fiber cement siding is a beautiful, extremely durable product made from all-natural materials: sand, wood fiber, and cement. Properly installed, fiber cement siding can last for decades and decades.

One of the most reputable companies manufacturing fiber cement siding is CertainTeed. Let's take a look at some of the ways CertainTeed WeatherBoard Fiber Cement Siding is leading the way in green building.

Green Facts About CertainTeed WeatherBoard Fiber Cement Siding

As mentioned above, fiber cement siding is a very durable product, its most important green benefit. But that's not the only reason to consider CertainTeed fiber cement siding. Starting with its manufacture, CertainTeed strives to reduce the environmental impacts of its fiber cement product in the following ways:

The use of recycled fly-ash in CertainTeed WeatherBoard Fiber Cement Siding also improves the strength and durability of the finished product, and also makes the siding more flexible and easier to install. CertainTeed's Fiber Cement Siding has ICC Building Code approval for use in all structures.

Fiber Cement Siding from CertainTeed is lighter than typical fiber cement siding, without any reduction in strength or integrity. A lighter product requires less energy to produce and transport.

CertainTeed WeatherBoard Fiber Cement Siding LEED Credentials

If you are building a green home, you may be trying for LEED certification to give you the confidence that your home is durable, healthy, and built with the least environmental impact possible. No individual home-building product can be LEED-certified on its own, but environmentally friendly products can contribute to the overall LEED points required to certify an entire structure. CertainTeed Fiber Cement Siding will earn points for environmentally preferable materials, locally produced products (manufactured within 500 miles of building site), and for the use of recycled content.

CertainTeed WeatherBoard fiber cement siding is also a NAHB Green Approved Product.

Built to Last: CertainTeed Siding:

There are even more reasons to consider fiber cement siding as a durable choice for your home's siding.

The Beautiful Look of CertainTeed WeatherBoard Fiber Cement Siding

While CertainTeed fiber cement siding is pretty strong stuff under all kinds of tough conditions, and also pretty environmentally-friendly, it's also going to give your home a beautiful look that will go unmatched. It has a natural wood grain appearance and a number of color possibilities (or paint yourself options) that give the homeowner absolute creative freedom to indulge their personal taste and style.

CertainTeed WeatherBoard siding is available in lap, panel, and soffit styles, with smooth, cedar, or stucco textures and a variety of widths. CertainTeed offers these styles in a number of popular ColorMax prefinished colors. If you'd rather go your own way with a custom color, CertainTeed WeatherBoard is available unpainted, with a FiberTect sealant, which penetrates the surface of the siding to protect from moisture while acting as a base coat for paint.

While it's not the cheapest siding product available, it is among the best choices for any green home and will beautify and protect for years to come. CertainTeed WeatherBoard Fiber Cement Siding comes with a 50 year limited warranty, and a 15 year limited warranty for the ColorMax paint.

Visit the CertainTeed Weatherboard Fiber Cement website.

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