Bryant Evolution System Energy-Efficient Gas Furnaces

As the cold winds blow and the temperature plummets during the winter months, our thoughts here at Green Home Source turn to energy-efficient furnaces. Home heating contributes a great deal to a home's overall energy usage. Obviously, using less energy to heat our homes contributes to lower air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions and much lower utility bills during the cold winter months. The Evolution System series of furnaces from Bryant are an excellent choice for a new, high-efficiency furnace.

Energy Star and Bryant

As with any new home appliance, the first thing to look for in a new furnace is Energy Star certification. Energy Star qualification means the furnace meets strict energy efficiency guidelines to help you save energy and money, protecting the environment and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the burning of fossil fuels.

The amount of energy used by a furnace is listed as an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating. The higher the number, listed as a percentage, the more efficient a furnace is at turning fuel into heat. For example, a furnace with an AFUE of 90 means that 90% of the fuel is used to create heat, with 10% escaping as exhaust with the furnace's combustion gases.

To be Energy Star-certified, furnaces must have AFUE ratings of 85% or greater, making them at least 15% more efficient than standard models. Energy Star furnaces must also have highly efficient blower motors, which further reduces energy usage.

The Evolution System line of gas furnaces by Bryant are all Energy Star certified. Depending on the model and size of the Evolution unit, AFUE efficiencies range from 95% to 97%.

With the high efficiencies provided by Bryant Evolution system furnaces, homeowners replacing older furnaces can see their heating costs cut by over $200 a year.

Further Features of Bryant Evolution System Furnaces

From a 'green' perspective, the high-efficiency ratings of the Bryant Evolution System furnaces is their most important attribute. But the Evolution furnaces have many other high-quality features that make them attractive to any homeowner. Some of the features offered by this line of furnaces are:

Perfect Humidity: Bryant's exclusive humidity management system helps maintain a healthy, comfortable level of humidity in the entire home.

Perfect Heat: Provides two stages of heating to deal with changing winter conditions. The low stage at start up circulates warm heated air into the home. As temperatures drop outside, a high stage provides an extra boost of heat to keep the indoor temperature constant.

Perfect Light: Bryant's high-tech gas furnace ignition system replaces a standard pilot-light with an advanced ignition system.

QuieTech: Bryant's noise reduction allows the Evolution System furnace to provide comfortable, efficient heat with very little noise.

Fan On Plus: On some Evolution models, this control allows for an adjustable constant fan operation for most constant temperatures than regular single-stage furnaces.

All Evolution System Furnaces by Bryant are compatible with the Evolution Control programmable thermostat. The Evolution Control is easily programmable to give you complete control over your home's air temperatures. It allows for air quality control, fan speed control, ventilation control, and dirty filter detection. It's large LCD screen is easy-to-read, and allows for up to 8 temperature zones in the home. It's optional remote access kit allows for even easier control.

An Efficient Bryant Furnace For Any Home

Investing in a high-quality, energy-efficient furnace is one of the more important decisions any green homeowner needs to make. It's crucial to select an efficient unit that minimizes energy usage and environmental impacts but still gives the home comfortable, quiet, consistent temperatures throughout the entire home.

Bryant's entire line of Evolution System furnaces provide a variety of features and options, in furnace sizes to match any home, all with Energy Star-approved efficiency. If you're interested in a high-efficiency gas furnace from a manufacturer with a reputation for quality and dependability, we recommend taking a closer look at the Bryant Evolution System furnaces.

Visit the official Bryant Evolution website.

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