Bosch 800 Plus High-Efficiency Dishwasher

*UPDATE February, 2014* Bosch continues to innovate in the efficient dishwasher category with the 800 Series. The 800 Series line of dishwashers are on average about 11 percent MORE energy-efficient than EPA Energy Star requirements, meaning they will save upwards of 170 gallons of water per year (compared to the Energy Star minimum requirement.) Bosch 800 Series dishwashers use EcoSense technology, which reduces energy usages by 20%. The 800 Series also features a half-load option, reducing energy and water usage for smaller loads. Finally, a third flexible rack allows you to pack more dirty dishes in each load, further reducing energy and water usage.

We're always on the lookout for state of the art energy-efficient appliances here at Green Home Source. In the category of dishwashers, it's tough to find a model greener than the Bosch 800 Plus Series. Bosch's entire line of high quality dishwashers is known for their water- and energy-efficiency, but the 800 Plus goes above and beyond.

Bosch: Fine German Engineering

Bosch is synonymous with high-performance and precision engineering. For over 125 years, Bosch has been designing and making appliances that are beautiful, functional, quiet and efficient. Nowhere is Bosch's dedication to design and engineering more evident than in their top-of-the-line 800 Plus Dishwasher.

Energy Star Plus

Looking for the Energy Star label is the first step in choosing any new dishwasher. This is the sign that the model meets strict efficiency standards, and will be cheaper to operate than similar traditional models.

Energy Star is just a starting point, however. There's no stopping appliance manufacturers from designing products that exceed the Energy Star requirements. The Bosch 800 Plus dishwasher series does this, and then some.

In fact, the Bosch 800 Plus exceeds current Energy Star requirements for water usage by an astounding 125%. Using only around 2 gallons of water per cycle, the 800 Plus can save almost 500 gallons of water a year compared to a similar model that meets Energy Star requirements. Compare the 800 Plus to non-Energy Star models, and the water savings are even more impressive.

The Bosch 800 Plus also exceeds the Energy Star requirements for energy usage. The 800 Plus uses only 259 kWh/yr., exceeding the Energy Star requirement of 324 kWh/yr.

Bosch 800 Plus Series: Ultimate Performance, Ultimate Convenience

For anyone whose main concern is lowering energy and water usage, the Bosch 800 Plus Series is unsurpassed. The 800 Plus' efficiency alone makes it worthwhile, but Bosch offers so much more.
The 800 Plus Series of dishwashers also offers:
- Quiet performance: from 42 to 39 dBA (depending on model), the quietest in their class.

- Third rack for additional loading capacity. (The 800 Plus series has room for 15 place settings)

- Water softening feature to ensure cleaning perfection.

- Sanitize option to eliminate bacteria.

- ActiveTab tray to optimize detergent performance.

- Half Load option for washing smaller loads without using a full loads' worth of water and energy.

- Delicate wash for China

- 30 minute Express Wash option.

- Flexible silverware basket and Vario racks for flexible loading

- Extra tall item sprinkler for cleaning items up to 22" tall

- Multi-Function LED with remaining time.

- Stainless steel TallTub

- Several wash cycles and drying options (actual numbers vary by model)

- AquaStop 4-part leak protection

The Bosch 800 Plus dishwasher is available in several color and style options to match any kitchen's decor. While we consider the Bosch 800 Plus to be a 'green' dishwasher, its actual colors are better suited to a stylish kitchen. It is available in stainless steel, white, or black.

The 800 Plus is available with a recessed handle or the more traditional bar handle. For custom-designed kitchens, it is also available with a custom panel-ready front that disappears into your cabinetry.

Bosch: The Ultimate For Your Green Home

If you're building a new green home or renovating an existing home, you want the most-efficient appliances available. The Bosch 800 Plus dishwasher is the standard-setter, not only for water and energy-efficiency, but for quiet, well-engineered cleaning performance as well.

Visit the BOSCH dishwasher website.

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