NuWool WALLSEAL Insulation

Whether you're building a brand new green home or retrofitting an older home for greater efficiency, it's crucial to choose the right products and materials. Few items make as big a difference in the energy-efficiency of a home as insulation; there's a lot of choices out there. Green Home Source has dealt with many of them, and few are as environmentally-friendly and effective as NuWool Wallseal for wall insulation.

Getting Familiar with Insulation

It's always a good idea to research the materials that go into your home to ensure quality and durability. To get up to speed on insulation, visit our Insulation page here.

NuWool Wallseal Insulation: The Green Choice

Walls need insulation to keep the home's interior comfortable year round and keep energy costs in check; in our opinion, NuWool Wall Seal is about as good as it gets. Let's look at some of the reasons we choose NuWool for our insulating projects:

-NuWool is a superior product with a small environmental footprint. NuWool is made from 100% recycled paper. Making insulation from recycled paper uses 10 times less energy than fiberglass, and NuWool has 20 times more post-consumer recycled content than fiberglass.

- NuWool controls energy usage by keeping heated (or cooled) air inside the home where it belongs, and keeping the harsh outside temperatures out. Using NuWool Wallseal insulation in your walls will help earn your green home points toward LEED certification as well as other popular green certification programs.

Any insulating material that uses 100% recycled product but doesn't perform to exacting standards isn't worth installing; fortunately, NuWool Wallseal is a premium wall cavity insulation made to do its job, and do it for a long time. Why should you use NuWool insulation in your home?

Advantages of NuWool Wallseal Insulation

- Cellulosic insulation has been an effective form of insulation for over 50 years; it's a proven insulation technology used in every type of new or existing structure.

- NuWool premium cellulose offers an excellent value/return on investment for homeowners due to its ease and speed of installation, lower material cost, and long-term energy savings.

- NuWool insulation is non-toxic, unlike other forms of insulation. Toxicologist studies have produced no observable adverse health problems associated with NuWool insulation.

- While some wall insulation products, particularly fiberglass batts, can suffer from reduced performance over time, NuWool insulation demonstrates no breakdown over time. It will provide the same high level of energy-efficiency years from now as it does the day it's installed.

- NuWool insulation provides safety to the home: it is resistant to the growth of molds and mildew which can contribute to negative health impacts. NuWool insulation is also fire-resistant.

- In addition to reducing energy costs, insulation also provides sound insulating properties to homeowners. NuWool insulation is one of the most acoustically superior products on the residential market.

NuWool Wallseal: The Details

NuWool is a time-tested product; it has passed years of stringent testing and meets all building codes.

Wallseal is a spray-in-place cellulose insulation applied directly to the wall cavities during new construction or renovation. With an R-value of 3.8 per inch, Wallseal is installed to a density of 3.0 to 3.5 pounds per cubic foot. This density (weight per cubic foot) dramatically reduces air infiltration and increases the walls' 'Effective R-Value.'

By spraying it directly in place, Wallseal forms a seamless bond in the wall cavity, unlike batt rolls which can leave gaps for air and moisture to infiltrate. All air pockets and gaps are eliminated, again providing superior protection and energy-efficiency.

Tax Credits and Rebate Information

Installing NuWool Wallseal insulation to your home's wall may qualify for a Federal Energy Tax Credit of 10% of material costs up to $500.

Many regional utility companies offer rebates to homeowners who take steps to reduce energy usage in new or existing homes. To see what rebates may be available in your area, click here:

NuWool and Your Green Home

A quiet, safe, and comfortable home is the dream for every homeowner. Having all of that plus drastically reduced energy bills is the dream, and goal, of the green homeowner, and is the reason we recommend NuWool Wallseal insulation.

For more information on Nuwool, click HERE.


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