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Nylodeck by Nyloboard
There are many choices available today for homeowners who want a 'green' deck. From composites to sustainably-harvested wood, there are options for any situation and budget. Among the greenest of these decking materials is Nylodeck from Nyloboard.

Nylodeck by Nyloboard

As homeowners turn to alternatives to traditional treated lumber decking and the environmental problems associated with it, they are increasingly turning to composite decking materials. Composites are typically made from a combination of plastics and wood products.

Not all composites are equal; some have a very 'plastic' look to them; others are prone to mildew and mold growth. Nylodeck offers a unique decking material that stands above the rest.

Nyloboard created Nylodeck to be an extremely durable, eco-friendly decking material that can stand up to just about anything while creating a unique and beautiful deck surface.


The Green Nylodeck Difference

Most composite deck materials are manufactured with a combination of PVC plastics and wood. PVC has issues associated with its production, and although most of the wood used in composite decking is recycled waste product, many are still interested in getting away from wood altogether.

Nylodeck from Nyloboard

Nylodeck is a different product altogether; it uses no PVC plastic or wood at all.

Nylodeck is made exclusively from recycled carpet fiber. Since carpet fiber is almost always discarded into landfills at the end of its life cycle, Nylodeck creates a green product by using this carpet fiber waste in a brand new product, diverting a tremendous amount of waste from landfills. Using recycled carpet fibers also requires much less energy to manufacture than conventional wood or composite decking materials.


The Many Advantages of Nylodeck

In addition to providing an eco-friendly green decking product, Nylodeck has many other attractive features.

Nylodeck by Nyloboard

- Beauty: Nylodeck is made with a three-dimensional embossed surface and UV protection for long-lasting beauty. The deck's color goes through the entire board, not just the surface. Nylodeck creates a striking appearance for any deck.

- Strength and Durability: Nylodeck is built to last, and made to withstand lots of abuse. It doesn't warp, splinter, or peel like conventional wood decking. Board lengths of up to 24 feet are possible due to its strength and rigidity. Nyloboard backs up this strength with a 25 year limited warranty.

- Completely Waterproof: Unlike treated wood, Nylodeck will not absorb water; it won't swell or delaminate. This makes Nyloboard a great choice for decks or other locations near water.

- Mold, Mildew & Insect Resistance: Due to Nylodeck's ability to resist water absorption, it and the fact that it doesn't contain any wood, it is also mold and mildew resistant throughout its lifetime. Its lack of wood also makes it complete impervious to damage from termites and other insects.

- Ease of Installation: Nylodeck requires no pre-drilling for installation. It uses widely-available fasteners for easier installation. It is available with an optional edge groove for hidden-fastener installation.

- Stain Resistant: Decks get things spilled on them, that's a simple fact of life. Wine, ketchup, grease, and other messes can leave stains on wood or other composite decks, but Nylodeck cleans easily and never stains.

Nylodeck has the lowest expansion and contraction rates of any composte material available, and comes in five beautiful colors: Saddle Rose, Mountain Mocha, Desert Spice, Harbor Gray, and Newport White.

To learn more about Nylodeck from Nyloboard, and information on purchasing, visit their official website by clicking HERE.






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