Unilock Pavers

If after reading about the advantages of patio pavers you have decided to use them in your outdoor living area, the next step is finding a quality product from a dependable company. Luckily, there is a company that not only offers the high quality you expect, but has the history and the guarantee to back that quality up.

Unilock Pavers

Unilock has been providing superior landscape products for over 35 years. They are the oldest concrete paver manufacturer in the U.S., and their pavers are used in more residential projects than any other brand. Every item they sell is backed up with a lifetime guarantee.

The Unilock Pavers Advantage

Unilock has built its business entirely around offering the most exciting landscaping products. They have introduced more new products to the market than anyone else. They are the originator of the paver, and they continue to be the innovative force in the industry. Unilock offers a wide variety innovative design elements for anyone looking to create a unique and personal outdoor living space.

Unilock Pavers for Everyone

Unilock has several lines of pavers, offering different looks and finishes in a wide range of prices.

Unilock Standard Line: If you are looking for a simple paver with a timeless beauty or to fit a smaller budget, Unilock offers the Standard Line of pavers. The original paver for over three decades, the Standard paver is available in a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes, each offering classic styling that will never go out of style.

Unilock Tumbled Line: If you'd like your outdoor living space to have a more rustic, natural look, Unilock offers the Tumbled Paver line. Another Unilock creation, the tumbled paver has the quarried appearance and rough-hewn texture of a natural stone surface. Tumbled pavers will give your outdoor space a timeless look with an aged appearance relaxed, rustic appeal.

Unilock Select Line: For the ultimate in concrete paver design, Unilock offers the Unilock Select line of pavers. The Select pavers use some of the most advanced manufacturing technology in the industry to revolutionize the design and appearance of the pre-cast concrete paver. The Select line of pavers are available in a variety of creative and exciting designs, from the elegant look of old European cobblestone to pavers brushed with irregular lines etched across them for a unique custom look. The Unilock Select pavers are extremely durable. Up to 4 times stronger than conventional poured concrete, the Select pavers are also extremely stain, crack, and fade resistant.

Unilock Permeable Paver Line: The Unilock Permeable Paver Line offers a variety of game-changing permeable pavers designed to provide minimal environmental impact while still offering a durable paver surface. Unilock has spent years of research to create their innovative permeable paver line. Permeable pavers allow water to pass completely through them into the ground below, allowing for groundwater replenishment and reducing water run-off into sewers or retention ponds.

To visit the Unilock Paver website, click HERE.

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