High Sierra Low Flow Shower Head

The quest for a low flow shower head that saves water but doesn't skimp on performance can seem like an endless, thankless job. There are many low flow shower heads out there on the market; some good, some very bad, and a whole lot hanging out somewhere in between. The High Sierra low flow shower head is a standout performer, providing a satisfying shower experience while only sipping 1.5 gallons of water per minute.

Low flow shower heads were created, first and foremost, to use less water than conventional shower heads. Older, traditional shower heads use upwards of 3 to 4 gallons of water per minute. The spray from these 'regular flow' shower heads are strong and luxurious.

As low flow shower heads began coming to market in the 1980s and 1990s, their performance, while definitely water-saving, lacked. By limiting the flow of water, these low flow shower heads took any joy out of the showering experience. Suddenly, saving water didn't seem like such an important idea.

High Sierra Low Flow Water Technology

High Sierra saw the need for a high-performing shower head in the low flow marketplace, and stepped up with a product that is renowned for its efficiency as well as its rewarding shower performance. The result? A shower head that uses only 1.5 gallons per minute (gpm) and a shower you'll actually want to step into!

The High Sierra Low Flow Advantage

Most low-flow shower heads on the market today will save water, but many deliver a less than ideal shower experience. They can be noisy, or deliver a noticeably weak stream of water, even at higher gallon per minute (gpm) rates such as 2.5 gpm, which is the industry minimum requirement to be considered "low flow." High Sierra out-performs other products in many ways.

- Improved Water Stream: The High Sierra low flow shower head uses a patented design that mimics a high-flow shower head's water stream, while using much less water. While most low flow heads use air-infused small water droplets (which creates the undesirable shower experience), High Sierra heads use full size drops of water from what they call the FCS (Full Coverage Spray) nozzle.

Low Maintenance: Unlike many low flow shower head designs that can clog quickly and easily due to their lower water flow rates, the High Sierra low flow model is designed to remain clog-free. Also, while many cheaper low flow showerheads are made from plastic materials, the High Sierra is all-metal (stainless steel and brass.) Metal won't crack or break like plastic, and it also inhibits bacteria growth better.

Water Savings: Let's face it: if the only thing we cared about was performance, we probably wouldn't be considering a low flow shower head in the first place. But if you've read this far, you're probably concerned about things like green living and water conservation, and are looking for home products that save water and energy.

High Sierra provides the superior showering experience we love, but also saves enormous amounts of water and energy. At only 1.5 gpm, the High Sierra shower head uses 40% less water than conventional 2.5 gpm low flow models. The great thing about using less water in the shower is that the less water you're using, the less energy you're using to heat it.

If you combine the savings you'll see in both water and energy usage by switching to a High Sierra shower head, the payback period for the money you spend on it is usually around 3 months. That's an incredibly quick payback period, which is a testament to the significant water and energy savings you'll be getting by investing in a High Sierra low flow shower head.

High Sierra Low Flow Shower Head: For All the Right Reasons

The amazing water and energy savings realized by the High Sierra low flow shower head has made it a popular choice for use in dorms, gyms, campgrounds.... anywhere people are looking to minimize these energy costs as well as the environmental impacts of high water usage. You can bring these savings to your home showers by switching to High Sierra shower heads. Their low cost (around $35) and easy installation are an incredibly simple and effective way to start saving water, energy , and money immediately. How much savings? Most households see savings of around $50 per year in energy costs, and around 1700 gallons of water per person, per year!

Even better, while most low flow shower heads are manufactured overseas, the High Sierra is manufactured and assembled in the U.S. High Sierra is a registered "California Certified Small Business." So if sticking it to the big guys and buying domestic products is your thing, High Sierra is the way to go!


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