bioLime Stucco Siding

bioLime: High Performance and Lasting Beauty For Your Green Home

Your home is your greatest investment, and it's under almost constant attack from water damage, the sun's harmful UV rays, insects, mold and mildew. It needs an exterior that will stand up to these enemies, and you'd like it to do its job without harming the environment. Enter bioLime.

The Difference is Lime

bioLime produces an entire line of natural finishing products, from primers and paints, to plaster and stuccos. For those looking for a naturally beautiful stucco exterior, bioLime is an excellent choice.

The bioLime product begins with pure, natural limestone, crushed and heated into a powder, mixed with water into a thick putty which is aged and then applied to the home. The finished product is as close to having a house made of solid rock short of living in a cave. The bioLime stucco product also contains macro-marble sands, natural colorants, and natural binders to create a truly unique, natural stucco that will keep your home safe for decades.

The Advantages of bioLime Stucco Siding:

The bioLime bioStucco LEED Advantage: bioLime is completely natural, something everybody building a green home should care about. bioLime products earn points for LEED certification in many areas. It is a life-cycled material that dramatically reduces maintenance and energy needs in homes. Let's examine a few of the important ways bioLime stucco contributes towards a truly green home.

bioLime bioStucco is Zero-Carbon: As mentioned earlier, bioLime stucco is created from limestone, an abundant natural material. Converting limestone into a powder in kilns releases CO2 into the air, which is a greenhouse gas. However, once applied, bioLime reabsorbs (carbonates) an equal amount of CO2 back into itself, effectively qualifying itself as a zero-carbon product.

bioLime bioStucco is Durable: Lime has been used for mortar and plaster for over 7,500 years. The Pantheon in Rome is made from lime. Spanning over 140 feet, it is almost 1,900 years old and still going strong. bioLime stucco offers lime's superior durability for your home.

bioLime bioStucco is Breathable: A green, sustainable structure needs to be able to 'breathe'. A home that is too air tight traps air, and moisture, inside it. Lime is a high porosity, high permeability material. This ability to 'breathe' creates a wall structure that is permeable, allowing moisture to evaporate. A home with a bioLime exterior will keep moisture, mold, bacteria, and mildew from forming within the building envelope.

bioLime bioStucco is Energy Efficient: bioLime stucco provides exceptional thermal protection and low thermal conductivity. Energy demands from heating and cooling systems are reduced, as well as the money required to pay for that energy. This is another important factor for a green home. Green saves green!

bioLime bioStucco is Self-Repairing: Conventional cement-based stuccos can develop cracks or splits over time. Lime has a unique ability to fix itself; as fine cracks develop, water penetrates them and dissolves 'free' lime, which surfaces and is re-deposited and fuses over the crack. This greatly reduces repairs, and is one reason why very old buildings with lime exteriors are still around.

bioLime bioStucco is Weather Resistant: bioLime keeps water from getting into a home, and is also impervious to the heat and UV rays from the sun. Lime doesn't absorb heat from the sun; it won't crack or fade from ultraviolet exposure.

bioLime is also fire resistant, an important factor for any home's exterior, but especially in areas prone to wildfires.

bioLime bioStucco is Beautiful: Lastly, bioLime all-natural stucco will provide a beautiful exterior for your green home. Available in a variety of natural colors, your home will gain the traditional, classic aesthetic that lime has been providing for thousands of years.

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