The Nest Protect Smart Smoke, continued

Additional Features of the Nest Protect

In addition to the Protects' smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, the device has other features any other smoke detector can only dream of.

- Motion Detector:The Protect has motion sensors built-in. When used in conjunction with the Nest thermostat, it can learn your motion patterns, helping the smart thermostat know your actions and adjusting the heat or air accordingly, leading to small but important savings in energy usage.

- Emergency Furnace Shutdown: The Protect can also instruct the Nest thermostat to shut down the furnace if carbon monoxide is detected. (Furnace malfunction is the most common cause of CO in the home.)

- Night Light:At night, the Nest Protect can be used as a night light, using an efficient LED light to cast a glow over things when you need it.


Nest Protect: Safety for the Connected Home

The new Nest Protect smoke detector is the ideal solution for fire and CO protection in the connectedd home. Its simple setup and everyday use ensures that it will be there to protect your family in the event of an emergency. Its connected features keep you informed and safe. The Protect is available for about $130. That price is more than traditional smoke detectors, but the arsenal of features, ease of use, and attractive good looks of the Protect makes it a worthwhile investment. Available at Amazon.








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