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Compost Bucket

If you're not interested in pre-composting but still need somewhere to store kitchen scraps until they're ready to head to the compost pile without any mess or odor, a simple composting bucket is perfect. These buckets are perfect for storing large amounts of waste, and are attractive enough to leave out on the counter. Better yet, they have features that keep odors in and bacteria out, such as tightly-closing lids or filters to control odor. They're also designed to be easy to clean.

Here are a couple affordable compost buckets we like:


Compost Alive! Activator

Like the Greencycler above, Compost Alive! works to kickstart the composting process and make it much quicker. While Greencycler works at the very beginning of the process in the house, Compost Alive! does its work right in the compost bin itself.

Compost Alive! uses what they call a Quick-Start Compost Inoculant to make the composting cycle much more efficient. Compost Alive!'s all-nature mixture of micronutrients works to create an environment in the compost bin that is most beneficial to the organisms that are doing the work of transforming waste to compost.

There are over one billion beneficial bacteria and actimonycetes in every pound of Compost Alive! There are also plenty of all-natural energy sources in the Compost Alive! product to help all these decomposing bacteria and other critters get their composting game on.

All of this means that by mixing Compost Alive! into your compost pile, Mother Nature's natural decomposition process that turns ordinary organic matter into useful, nutrient-dense compost is supercharged. By ensuring that there are lots decomposing bacteria in the pile, and that they have ample sources of energy , a high carbon/nitrogen ratio is not able to develop. A higher carbon/nitrogen ratio slows the compost process down, and leads to problems.

By following the simple instructions, Compost Alive! makes the job of creating compost much quicker, and more efficient. Compost Alive! is itself very efficient; just two pounds of it will create up to 1000 pounds of rich compost.

For more information, visit the official Compost Alive! website.

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